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Not the best description for the subject I know but I am struggling to find themes that would be more suited for listing spare parts for a machine manufacturer? The themes I am coming across are very "Retail" orientated in wanting to "woo" the user into making a purchase which is quite understandable in the right circumstance. For a user that is trying to look up / browse spare parts its preferable to have function over all the bells and whistles and fonts that are so large you could see them standing at the other side of the room :laugh:
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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Post by IP_CAM » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:14 pm

Well, it's not all that complicated, to find easy to handle Custom Themes, but most believe in
whistles and bells, they probably feel, that it looks more professional. Many Themes also contain
a lot of other custom Code and Mods, like Journal or Pavo Themes, they also use custom system
Files and Caching Systems, to make their overloaded Code at least perform in a decent way.

But there are others too, by example the nice YOOHAN Theme, created by YOOCART for free, it only
consists of a few Main THEME Pages, and absolutely NO system Files, Scripts, or other Code, it
uses everything else from the Default Theme. I did not test any of the v.2.x Themes, but I use the
1.5.6-Version, to have created my own Theme out of it.

Unfortunately, most of the time the website kills my Browser, due do it's miserable
configuration, and lot's of outside AD-Linking, but other than that, the free Themes are bugfree and
very easy to install and handle, when it comes to visual changes. I have linked the v.2.3.x Theme below,
just in case, you cannot make your Browser work on the YOOCART Website.
YOOHAN THEME for OC v.2.3.x:
YOOHAN also offers other free OpenCart Themes as well, depending on the OC-Version,
one uses. And other Themes also exist, just make sure, after you have downloaded one,
that it does NOT Contain any Code, placed OUTSIDE ot the OC THEME Section:
or even files, replacing default OC System Files, then, nothing bad will happen, if you remove
such a Theme after testing it.

One Exeption would be CUSTOM Scripting, CSS, and FONTS, sometimes placed in the
JAVASCRIPT Section, still always make sure first, that NO OC Default File/Code will be overwritten !

Also, some themes may add one or two CUSTOM Files to the System/... Section, this would not
matter either, since they could always just be removed again, if a Theme does not meet the Expectations.

Those Themes listed by the links below should mostly belong to the EASY ones, check 'em out, one of
them may fit your requirements.
v.2.3.x ... load_id=47
v.2.2.x ... load_id=44
v.1.5.6.x ... _license=0
And better stay away from latest OC-Versions too, for them, besides of new Bugs, not much exists,
when it comes to broader Knowledge, free Extensions and/or Themes. In Addition, OC-3 Versions
fundamentally changed the Theme Coding, and no older Version Theme would be adaptable without
a lot of work and knowledge.
Just to mention this.
Good Luck! ;)

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they will no longer be replied to.
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Post by yamoto » Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:06 am

Hi Ernie,
Many thanks for the information - much appreciated.
I will have a good look into all of this.
Thanks once again,



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Post by Dhaupin » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:39 am

This sound like an interesting theme idea -- something that I have not seen created for Opencart either. We may be able to build a child theme for this parts directory sorta purpose. Not sure we could do it for free, and would need more info about your store. You can email us at if you wanna chat about the job :)

Just curious, have you ever used Rock Auto? Its not Opencart, and they have a terrible looking theme, but it works really well for ordering parts. The fonts are not large, however you can imagine or use the "zoom in" browser feature. Is that kinda sorta an angle of the type of theme you had in mind? | - Opencart Extensions, Integrations, & Development. Made in the USA.

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