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I have some requirements based on jewellery store where there are gold,diamond & Platinum products. It has per g(gram) calculation of jewellery products.

It can have different weight classes in carats like In Gold (24k, 22k etc. ) and it varies in Platinum and Diamond too.

In this jewellery store I need some requirements like

1)I want to create a Single Group Master Page where I can update current prices of jewellery groups according to per unit weight.

For ex.

Group Name Price per unit Unit

Group1(22k) 1000 g

Group2(24k) 1200 g

2) Product Price should calculate as follows

Total price = ((Group Price Per Unit * Product Weight) + Making Charges) + Tax

For ex:

ABC Product(Group1(22k)) weight is 4 gms

Price = 4 x 1000 = 4000

Making Charge = 4000 % 13% = 520

Total Price = 4000 + 520 =4520

Tax(3%) = 4520 x 3% = 135.6

Total Amount of ABC Product = 4000 + 520 + 135.6 = 4655.6

The Amount= "4655.6" should be automatically displayed on Product Page



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If no extensions can fit your requirements from the Marketplace, you could always create a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job.

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Please search for your desired extensions by clicking on the below link:
I hope you can get the desired one. ... _license=0

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