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Hello, I was wondering whether there are any extensions that would help filter categories when creating / listing a new product.

Currently I have a lot of categories and my users can't remember all of the available categories so autocomplete is very time consuming because and the extensions out there which lists all categories and allow you to check the checkbox would create a very long list thus becoming time consuming because my users will have to scroll through all of it to find the correct categories to which they are going to associate or link to the product.

So I was wondering whether there are any extensions out there that would allow users to select the parent category first, then list that category's child. And if that child has a second child, they would then be listed after the user select the first child. Similar to what has been done to related products where products are only listed once you input the category.

I would gladly buy that extension if anyone knows any or whether anyone can develop this modification along with the charges.




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