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Better cart abandonment handle

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:35 am
by vynnus
Hey guys,

not sure if this already exists somewhere.

On the first visit to the store a pop up (controlled by cookies) comes up with two fields: First name and e-mail.
This pop up would suggest some discount or other attractive offer.
If filled the user is registered in a specific and/or temporary customer group until he/she finishes the complete sign up process someday.

This way a user doesn't need to be a "completely" registered customer to be contacted after for cart recovery reasons.

Otherwise he/she remains as an anonymous guest, of course :)

So now opencart or an extension have the user's e-mail and have recorded his current cart content.
Then these data could be used to recover abandoned carts just as some extensions already does.

The idea needs to be better polished but the core would be that.

What you guys think?

Re: Better cart abandonment handle

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:32 pm
by labeshops
There are severa abandoned cart mods - do a search and see if one does everything you want.