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I posted the following in a different thread, but it seems that maybe I should post this in the "Feature Requests" thread. And hope it's taken onboard.

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I was just wondering if folks out there know what the future of OC development was RE the stock control system of OC?

OC is by far my favorite system to develop with. But increasingly I am having to develop more and more sites with Magento, based simply on one feature that Mag has that OC does not. That is the ability to manage stock by multiple options, with it's own unique SKU/model number ... i.e. Size/Colour. etc.

I loath Magento, it's a PITA to work with, but my customer-base seem to favor it, as I am doing more and more fashion sites.

I know of OpenStock and I have used OS2. It works and fits the bill for what it is designed to do, but is lacking in some of it's abilities and kills some of OC's builtin features when compared to the Magneto's system.

Anyway, this isn't a rant, just a request for comments, if folks know if this level of stock control is on the cards for OC's development future... It would be the perfect system for me if it did have this in versions to come, and I could kill off having to use the PITA magento :)

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