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I am working to solve pricing issue for flooring products in general. this could be ceramic or vinyl tile or wood flooring. These products are priced in square feet but need to be calculated in box quantities. For example, ceramic tile is 3.95 per SF and each box is 15.25 SF thus minimum order quantity has to be $60.2375, this number has to be rounded as well. A further complication is to calculate the box price to pallet price. Assume this particular pallet has 36 boxes in it and thus the price of 1 pallet of this tile is $2,168.55. And the only field customer could enter is SF. In this example, one pallet is 549 SF and if the customer enters say 650 sf, then the system should automatically round this up to 2 pallets which would be 1098 SF and should show the quantity of 1 pallet.
A similar example is as in this link; http://product-pricing.fmeextensions.n ... ders.html
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Would a customer really buy by area (SF) or would they buy the number of tiles? I did some tiling recently, and needed to figure the grid position and tile size to get the number of tiles (+ expected wastage) to buy. This translated to X number of boxes. It was a small job, so buying a few loose tiles to fill it out was OK, and I certainly wouldn't come near a pallet. I paid the most per tile as loose, a lower price per box, and I would have paid the least for a pallet. I find it hard to believe that a customer needing 650SF would be happy to pay for 69% extra (2 whole pallets)! Is this customer actually a wholesaler or something (who could easily sell the unused remainder)? I'm a bit confused, too, by your saying it would be rounded up to 2 pallets, and then "show the quantity of 1 pallet" ... shouldn't it show 2? I would think someone buying tile would have to figure the number of tiles, and you would give them a price break for full pallets (1 in this case), a lesser price break for full boxes, a full price per tile for any partial box (loose tiles).

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