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Please could you let me know if there is an extension available for a customer to login, and under their account section they will find a button "Upload Order". This would be in the form of an excel spreadsheet with two columns. One column will have "Model" and the other column "Quantity Required". After the customer uploads their spreadsheet their cart will automatically be populated with the items available on the site. For example, if a customer has an excel spreadsheet with Model "ABC" qty required "20" and Model "CDE", qty required "10", after they upload, their cart will be populated with ABC - 20 to order and CDE - 10 to order, after which they can proceed to checkout. Obviously the site would need product ABC and CDE available as a product in order to add to cart, otherwise zero will be added. It will put the quantities required as requested, whether the quantities are available or not.

The customer could of course enter the individual items required manually, in search, and then add to cart, but this would make the process so much quicker if the customer required a few items that they have on a list in excel, that they could quickly upload.

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I would not suggest to use that approach since Excel files can also use Macros. Unless having a real-time anti-virus for your domain upon uploads (and even there), it could create potential risks for your store.

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