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A bit of background -
We've been using the (Delves Wood) Royal Mail API shipping extension for a few years now. Last January this extension was removed from the Opencart marketplace and we were personally informed by the developers that they are closing up and no more support will be given. The extension allows us to create and print shipping labels within Opencart. The only part of the setup we had to do (apart from installing the extension) is create an account with Royal Mail and ask them to send us an API client id and secret. It's worked from day one.

Today i received this email Royal mail...

Dear customer,
As a valued customer using Royal Mail APIs we are contacting you to advise of an important security configuration change in relation to your API connection(s) to Royal Mail, namely supporting API connections using TLS v1.0 and v1.1. This is in line with current industry API security standards as these connection types are deemed insecure.
What this means to you?
If you are using TLS v1.0 or v1.1 to connect to Royal Mail APIs, you need to upgrade your API connection to use TLS v1.2.
If you do not update your connection ciphers to be TLS v1.2 compliant your API calls to Royal Mail will not work.
When is this happening?
31 January 2019
Kind regards,
APIm Support & Approvals

There are very few files for this extension and i can't see anything to do with SSL or TLS within them.
So, my questions are...
How do i know what API connections i'm using?
Is there any way of finding out?
Any developers willing to help?
I have emailed the extension developers but it's unlikely they will reply.
I have also emailed Royal Mail and hoping for an answer.



We are using opencart version
VQ Mod 2.4.1

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