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I am trying to setup mail rates for UK, US, AU and EU. My firs issue is what do the numbers mean:
Theyre the numbers from the UK Royal Mail rates field. I dont have a clue what they mean is there an help document that explains the meaning oif these numbers?

Do I need to setup different Shipping Zones, I have actually set 4 up but no idea how to go about setting all the mail options I need. I just want simple royal mail standard UK and International but International should be for the above countries. Many thanks, any help appreciated thanks.

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Post by IP_CAM » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:17 am

Well, it probably means something like shown below,
depending on the selected Weight / Currency Value :D

Code: Select all

0.1 kg: 0.73 Euro,
0.25 kg: 1.17 Euro,
0.5 kg: 1.48 Euro,
0.75 kg: 2.01 Euro,
1 kg: 5.20 Euro,
2 kg: 8.00 Euro,
5 kg: 13.75 Euro,
10 kg: 20.25 Euro,
20 kg: 28.55 Euro

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