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Product price & special changer by category & manufacturer

You'll can change your product prices and special price very fast!

Step 1: Filter your products: You can filter products by.
- Category.
- Manufacturer.
- Name.
- Model.

Step 2: Operations: You can use this operations.
- Addition integer number.
- Addition percentage.
- Subtraction integer number.
- Subtraction a percentage.
- Include specials to future operation.

Setp 3: Selects your products: Table whose show you the list product previously filtered, you can do.
- See the final prices.
- Select product that you want apply the price change.
- Manually edit the field New price before previously filled..

Simple installation.
English and Spanish language.
All code is VQmod.


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Post by seagull » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:31 pm

I bought this extension a long time ago for an OC shop. Now I want to start with the latest version of OC, but I need an extension with the same possibilities. I cannot find any extension with the possibility to use addition and subtraction Integer number.
Has anyone a solution?

OpenCart in a multishop configuration (as theme Shoppica2) with a lot of vqmods and further improvements . The last months I am busy with an OC configuration (and now without the Stoppica 2 theme).

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