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Every website has to perform maintenance at some point or another.

Whether it's just to upgrade a portion of the website or because of some problem with the site, it's an inevitable fact of every website ownership. And in many cases, maintenance requires taking your site offline for at least a few minutes.

So what should you do if your site is going to be down for maintenance? You don't want users coming to a 404 or other error page.

And hopefully you'd like to encourage them to come back to your site sooner rather than later, right?

This module will help you to build custom maintenance page where you as admin will be able not just to set custom messages to your visitors, but also add a counter when the maintenance is going to end, add nice sliding full page images and also to collect email addresses from visitors who wants to get notified when your website will be online again.

So later you can from the panel of admin with a few clicks email them by letting them know that you are UP AGAIN:)

So if you trully want a professional look and care of your visitors this module is for you.
Stop loosing your potential clients during maintenance, build an effective maintenance page that will help keep your visitors, whether new or returning, happy.

PS: you can use the module even to start gathering your new potential customers even before launching a website so called (pre-registration). Or you can keep the maintenance page as your advertisement, by offering a lottery to win X product from your website if they subscribe:)

How you will use this module is up to you, but for sure it will help you grow your customer base.
PS: the module if fully responsive(tablets, phones, pc)


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