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Deals with VAT for EU based shops selling to Businesses and Residents outside their Country.

EDIT NEW version now available:

All the user has to enter is their VAT number (if they have one) and the rest is done for them.

VAT numbers can be entered with or without country codes.

VAT is calculated based on a customers location and VAT number (if applicable).

- Home country's residents & businesses are charged VAT (Home country's rate)
- EU residents & businesses with no valid VAT number will be charged VAT (Home country's rate)
- EU (Non Home country) and with a valid VAT number are charged 0% VAT
- Non EU residents & businesses are charged 0% VAT

Users VAT numbers are checked against an EU database to check validity.

VAT number included on invoices.

For the Shop owner orders that are 0% VAT are marked some they can see.

usr - admin
pas- password
Opencart Compatibility currently - (will check and make 1.5/vqmod compatible as soon as I have time)

Product Downloads can be bought from - ... on_id=1675
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Post by robster » Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:19 pm

I am using your original extension and wonder if you could help me with an issue that I can't seem to get to the bottom of.

Several orders that are correctly being shown as 'VAT exempt' are being charged the VAT by PayPal regardless:

Example: order number xxx shows a total of 124.30 euros + shipping @ 28.51 euros = Grand Total of 152.81 euros

Paypal has charged the following: total @124.30 euros + VAT @ 30.56 + shipping @ 28.51 euros = grand total of 183.38 euros

Clearly something is wrong as the figures do not match. Why is PayPal charging VAT when this extension has correctly made customer VAT exempt.

Furthermore Paypal has reported back an error saying: PP_Standard - Possible Scam: IPN/PDT Price "183.38" does not match OpenCart Total "134.0000". Order needs manual verification

Can you shed any light on this? Apart from PayPal charging VAT, the 'OpenCart Total' of 134.0000 doesn't make any sense either.

Any help gratefully received.

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Hi Rob,

It sounds like PayPal maybe overriding the VAT amount sent by Opencart.

The best place to start would be to check your PayPal settings
- Log in to your PayPal account
- Click Edit Profile
- Under Selling Preferences, select Regional Tax

see if there is tax being added here (if so it maybe overriding Opencart settings tax)

Many Thanks




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