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I've tried searching for what I'm looking for, but perhaps I'm using the wrong search terms/terminology.

I run custom artwork website where we correspond back and forth to customers (during proofs).

My competitors have "customer cpanels", where customers can log in correspond to the artists via a type of private forum/discussion area. They can view proofs uploaded by the artist, provide feedback to the artist, and also upload other photos of their ideas inregards to modifications.

The artists can log in themselves and can reply to the customer.

Is there a extension/module/cpanel thing I can add to opencart that will allow this?? (Where it can use the current customers login, info from MySQL database) .

My other competitors I assume have possibly customized this, I also am aware that some of them are using Magento to do this. (I'm not sure if a customer Cpanel is a built in option).

Thanks in advance for anyones input,



Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:06 pm
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