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My first commercialmodule is now available in the Extensions directory for you to buy - Available Here

Flat plus per item is the ideal module for shipping. It allows you to set three types of rates with one module, and allow you to set them individually per geo zone, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to setting shipping charges

On each Geo zone you can set a base rate, which is what the shipping cost starts at, plus a per item cost to allow you to increase or decrease the amount based on the number of items in the cart
If you want a zone to just have a flat rate, simply set the item rate to 0, and the base value to the amount you want
Example: A cart with 5 items in it, a base rate of $3 plus a per item of $0.50 would be

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$3 + (5 X $0.50) = $5.50
You can also reduce the cost of shipping per item, by setting the per item value to a negative number, so setting it to -0.50 for the above would be

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$3 + (5 x -$0.50) = $0.50
The module also allows you to set maximum and minimum costs for the shipping too, so that you don't overcharge your customers, or they don't get too much of a reduction on the cost of shipping

Any questions feel free to ask


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