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Product Attribute Pictures for OpenCart is a complete product image display solution which can link your product options to images. Highly configurable, you can display images as thumbnails, enlarged and popup from a single uploaded file. Watermark images on upload, display images as swatches, merge images to illustrate option combinations, automatically update aggregate price based on currently selected options and LOTS more. Free 14-day trial available.


-3 ways to enlarge - hover, click thumbnails or radio button per thumbnail
- Link images to multiple option sets per product
- Editable picture group and thumbnail titles when not linked to product options
- Configure all images sizes and thumbnails per row
- Adjust display order of thumbnails
- Add customizable, stylish CSS tooltips per thumbnail
- Customize scrollable overflow panes to neatly contain large numbers of thumbnails
- Apply image effects to thumbnails including rounded/blurred edges, shading and frames
- Display enlarged image above, below, to the left or to the right of thumbnails
- Hide/show enlarged image title as static text or dynamically as thumbnail/option name
- Enable Javascript preloading for faster display when selected
- Choose from 9 stylish Javascript popup engines - Thumbnail Viewer, Facebox, Lightbox, Thickbox, Mojo Zoom, Mojo Magnify, ColorBox, FancyBox, Slimbox
- Create instant galleries inside popups with one click
- When 2 or more product options are available, show a separate image based on the currently selected combination of attribute options
- Linked Attribute Pictures (LAPs) - Upload a separate image to display for each possible combination of selected attribute options
- Merged Attribute Pictures (MAPs) - Dynamically merge and display existing individual option pictures as they are selected by the user
- Display thumbnails as swatches
- Create native product options on the fly when uploading images or copying to other products
- Select product options for inclusion in the cart by hovering/clicking of thumbnails or radio buttons
- Display selected attribute option pictures in shopping cart page
- Automatic thumbnail/enlarged image/popup generation
- No page reloading
- Versatile watermarking functionality
- Multi-language support for store-side viewing area headings, subheadings and selected image title
- Admin panel in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Dutch languages
- Dynamically update product price with aggregated product option price differentials
- Bulk Copy feature for cloning image sets, settings and even native attributes from one product to another
- Use Settings Profiles to apply stored user-defined settings configurations with one click

Download page, interactive demo, examples from demo and live sites and more can be found at the Product Attribute Pictures website:



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