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By default opencart has a feature the one allows to register/assign customers to customer groups.
Once user registers to one or another group, you as admin can set for these groups different special prices, quantity discounts, reward points...

So why not to expand these functionalities more?

This module will allow you as admin to restrict or give access for specific group to categories and products. That is you can block any category to be browsed by one or another customer group. Also you can set which items can be viewed / purchased by these groups as well.

This extension will put your opencart store to a new level. From now you can have a VIP users the ones can see completely different products on your store for different prices, or you can have a specific categories and product "packs" for wholesalers to be viewed and purchased, while regular customers will not be able even to see it:)

This is a must to have extension for those who wants to control every aspect of their shop and to be as flexible as possible:)

Link to a mod: ... n_id=36687

Feel free to ask questions:)

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Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:57 am

Post by giantherbs » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:52 am

Bought this app, it looked good. However, it did not install on my opencart platform like the developer said it would. Wrote the developer by email, asked for my money back - because it was not an out of the box solution for me, as with other opencart solutions I have bought. Told the developer if I didn't hear back from him in 24 hours, I would post a negative review. So, I don't need to actually post a negative review, as the developer's unprofessional behavior says it all:

His email to me:
"Another thing modules is not lego it depends what you already have installed on your website. and if you are such a dickhead that you instantly try to threaten go ahead and write a comments about your lack of any technical knowledge. if you not able to make it work it doesnt mean the extension is wrong the same is if you cant play the piano it is not a piano fault.

if you want me to make it work email me ftp details and admin dashboard access instead of crying like a baby that you cant make it work."

I am sorry, but if you are going to call me names, why would I ever give you access to my server? So unprofessional. Be prepared for the unprofessional "help" desk if you go with this developer.



Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:15 am
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