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I don't know for sure if its a opencart bug, but i keep search on issues and i see something like this posted on github.
I think is normal to ask because i have this issue from the start of the year
So i have opencart with 30-40k of products and 45-50k of unique visitators per month ... and from 2-3 to 2-3 months i need to optimize the database because he keep mixing customers sessions and i ghet orders form customer "x" but with the details of customer "y" ...
Now i was see one solution that remove the old sessions from database that are old more than 1 day, but i'm not a pro in opencart but is better to ask someoane and that's the reason that i wrote this things right here

I hope that someone can give me guidance in this problem,

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marrysmil » 28 Aug 2018, 11:37
...... when you try to update your store but you have a lot of things or you update your store step by step from 1.4 to 1.5 to 2x to 2.3.x to ...
Well, all that, combined with a Journal 3 Theme, only leaves one Answer, given by straightlight on: 28 Aug 2018, 14:44:

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.... However, it looks like the upgrade has failed. I would suggest to submit a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get the upgrade properly done as a custom job.
With that amount of Products and Visitors, one should be able to afford it. ;D

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