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This modification will display dimension and weight on category and product page. Weight class (unit) and length class (unit) using data from admin product form.

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★ Display dimension and weight on category and product page.
★ There are option to show/hide dimension and weight.
★ Support to display 1, 2, or 3 dimension. Example :
L = 1 cm, W = 0, H = 2 cm.
So, on product page you will see:
Dimension (L x H): 1.00 x 2.00 cm
and you will see on category page like
Dimension : 1.00(L) x 2.00(H) cm
★ Support multistore. That's mean you can set to show/hide for each store.
★ Easy installation and to use.
★ Free installation.

This extension need vqmod to work.
For OC 1.5.x, you can use vqmod 2.3.1 or latest (recommended using latest version).
For OC 2.0.x, you must use vqmod 2.5.1 or latest.

Demo 1.5 :
Demo 2.0:

This extension is not compatible with aceshop, mijoshop and other integration.

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