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Add Order CC Emails OC 1.5.x - 3.x


The extension allows customers to specify additional email addresses during checkout. These email addresses will be used for order confirmation as well as order updates in the future.

Key features:

Adds a CC Emails field during checkout - There can be multiple emails delimited with commas or semicolons. The content of the field is saved and prompted for future orders.

Adds a CC Emails field to the order history for admin - By default the field contains email addresses specified by a customer during checkout. Admin can change it if needed and send order update email to different email addresses. Multiple Emails can be delimited with commas or semicolons.

OC v3.x ready while working on OC v1.5.x
The single xml file supports Opencart versions from OC v1.5.x to OC v3.x. If you decide to upgrade to OC v2.x or to OC v3.x it won't require you to install a new file, the same file will work fine on any version of OC.

Mail/SMTP support

Easy install - simply put add-order-cc-email.xml file into the vqmod/xml folder or install with vqmod.

Multi-store compatible


- Opencart 1.x - 3.x
- vQmod


Simply copy the add-order-cc-emails.xml to vqmod/xml folder.


Attention! In case it is not working for you please provide me with ftp + admin access using the "Request Support" button above and I will fix it or refund the money if you choose so. Or simply send an email to support [at] sdv [dot] com [dot] ua or send me a private message here with access details


Additional Customer Emails OC 3.x - 1.5.x
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v1.0.6 - 2016-10-31

- Fixed compatibility issues with OC 2.1.x
- Added support for OC


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