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Account Reset Password



This extension allows for customers to recover their lost passwords in a more secure way by requesting a link to the password reset form.

By default Opencart allows to reset anyone else's password by requesting a password reset for any existing email address.

The extensions modifies the default behavior by sending a verification email with a protected link to the password reset form to the customer email address.

Additionally the extension disables the default message when the provided email address has not been found. This prevents attackers from being able to find out registered email addresses for further password pick up.

  • Asks for user email before reseting a password
  • Prevents attackers from being able to discover registered email addresses
  • Prevents attackers from being able to reset other user's email addresses
  • Generates an URL with secure token to the reset from and sends to user email
  • Once validated users are allowed to change their passwords
  • Compatible with Custom Email Templates module: customer.password.reset template code with {reset_password_url} tag.
  • Captcha support for OC 2

Attention! In case it is not working for you please provide me with ftp + admin access using the "Request Support" button above and I will fix it or refund the money if you choose so. Or simply send an email to support [at] sdv [dot] com [dot] ua or send me a private message here with access details


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