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For smaller stores, 10,20 products, figuring out which products have SEO URL's and which don't isn't too much of a pain. Doesn't take too long to figure it out. For larger stores, though, when you're talking 1000-2000+ products, it can be a real challenge, and randomly clicking product after product gets real old real fast.

I made this VQMOD to make things easier. It shows SEO URL's in the product list page, so you can easily figure out which products need URLs, etc.

It's available on the OpenCart Marketplace now. Tested and works with Opencart 2.2 and 2.3.

Additional features will be coming soon in the form of free updates (showing SEO URL's in the list views for categories, manufacturers and information pages), but wanted to announce early and see if there was interest in the rest.


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