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Tips for Requesting Support

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:03 pm
by qahar
  1. General
    1. Read documentation, faq & tutorials and search before post.
    2. Post your topics in the appropriate forum and don't double-post.
    3. Use a title that properly summarizes the main idea of the post. "Help please", "Get error" or "I'm Stuck" doesn't tell anything.
    4. Provide as much SPECIFIC information as possible when posting. You can use System Info to provide information about your server or file / directory permission.
    5. You should never hijack others threads with your issue/ request.
    6. Add [SOLVED] to your Thread Title (first post), if your issue is solved.
  2. Version
    1. Always provide the OpenCart version you use.
    2. Always provide the Extensions (themes, modules, languages, vqmods etc) version you use related to your issue.
    3. Check version compability before requesting support.
    4. Provide information: clean installation or upgrade version. If upgrade from what version to what.
  3. Modifications
    1. Best practice to modify OpenCart core code is using using Modification, either OcMod or vQmod.
    2. Provide your modification code and describe what you want to achieve with the code.
    3. Provide the error, either it appear on Error Log or vQmod Log.
    4. If your issue related to site visual, provide screenshots.
  4. Links
    1. If your issue appear after try a tutorial, provide a link to the tutorial.
    2. Ensure that the link to your site is to the specific page which is experiencing the problem.
    3. It's important to provide step procedure to show the error (if any).
  5. Screenshots
    1. A screenshot is usually the best way to describe visual issues.
    2. If it is browser specific, post comparative screenshots between the working and non-working browsers.
    3. If applicable, add notes to the screenshot to highlight and explain the issue.
  6. Browser Names / Versions
    1. State what browser is experiencing a problem, whether it is browser specific.
    2. State the browser version, this is very important. IE could be IE6, IE9 or IE11 and all behave differently.
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