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Using OpenCart, hosted at GoDaddy, Setup for SSL Https, and sub-domain

All of the site works fine, no issues just intermittently slow (very) but this is another topic.

Every time accessing the store folder we are asked twice for Authentication, 1st time is asked by http server (?) and second time by https:
How to force to only authenticate in https and ask only once?

All related config files were modified for OpenCart, so I would imagine it's a .htaccess file confusion, since we have one in the hosting root (\public_html) and on in the store folder (\public_html\store\)

I saw somewhere that there were WriteCond SSLStrict SSL that could be added to 'the proper' .htaccess
Can't the site and these 4 lines anymore! Or is there a way via cPanel to fix this out ?

Thanks for your help, as this starts to be very very anoying,




Mon May 07, 2018 9:37 pm
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