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Dear Friends,

I am looking to change the color of the price background tabs, Can anyone help?
plz give me the full solution I don't have any developer then plz give me deep info regarding this
if u want to open my website click here
Thank you so much,


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Post by OSWorX » Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:18 pm

Simply edit the css and add to the class product-price (as example):

Code: Select all

background-color: gold;
padding: 10px;
ps.: used padding the move the text a bit away from the borders.

But as I can see, you are using the Journal theme, either ask their developer for this or as I can remember, there was an option inside the template settings to edit such value.

And one final note: if really intent to deliver to Europe, you should be aware and follow the European Legal advices regarding price display, delivery cost and displaying them and as well the standardized return policies!
Currently, none of them are valid.

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