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It has come to my attention that forum users who tends to keep quiet on the forum takes the best moments in the middle of the night that could be based from any timezones to post other people's extension from another topic that demonstrates, either for free or as a paid extension, the same subject.

As understandable situations to believe that users may not be aware of the forum rules, that they are not aware of its existence or barely understands the time consuming it requires to maintain a platform, upcoming will be a new rule (if not already built-in on the forum):


Extension developers have consumed valuable time and dedicated their lives to help others to reach a higher standard level to where users wanted to be today. It is because of THEIR help that publicized subjects on the forum and on the extensions store that Opencart gets massively expanded over the years as it provides new ideas for world-wide Businesses.

That being said, it is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to post other people's contribution links among other contributions unless EXPLICITLY EXPRESSED by those relative developers have already built an agreement to publicize their content among each other.

Further analysis will be done on this forum regarding off-topic response especially with no relative facts from the publicized topic that may have resolved the issue on the extensions. Failing to match this rule will resolved the post to be reported.

Developing new modules is more than about people who either sits or stands-up to type on a keyboard on a computer and hearing the sounds; these people, including myself, dedicates their time at their own expense to provide FREE and PAID solutions.

If a particular extension is NOT working, remaining in silence is under people's responsibility. Although, by doing so, there should be as there are absolutely no reason on ending up reading in the middle of the night other people's extensions from other extensions post - period !

You'd rather want to express the problem about it? You are invited to do so, since posting problematic issues IS how problems will eventually be solved as it helps future posters to understand the source of the problem and to find a cure to it.

While many people may not have IT experience, it does not despite the facts that people can still submit their reviews rather than remaining in silence and even less to refer other extensions from non-relative parties as I am sure forum users can understand how frustrating these situations can be.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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