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We have a site set up ready, but we are struggling when it comes to applying prices.

As a printer we need to receive and process various options from the user:

  • Quantity
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Round Corners (business cards)
  • CMYK or Mono
  • Paper Weight (gsm)
  • Paper Colour
  • Folding (half fold/gate fold/z fold etc.)
  • Finishing (binding/lamination/Spot UV etc.)
I was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin/module that is specfically for printers in regards to pricing?

We can't simply add a percentage for everything. An example of a business card:

Quantity = 1,000
Single or Double Sided = double
Round Corners = yes
CMYK or Mono = CMYK
Paper Weight (gsm) = 350gsm
Paper Colour = NA
Folding = NA
Finishing = laminated

We'd need options for quantity (50 to 10,000)/single or double sided/round corners (yes or no)/CMYK or Mono/Paper Weight (from 90gsm to 400gsm – about 12-14 different weights)/paper colour (various)/Folding (at least 4-5 options/Finishing (4 -5 options)/binding for booklets.

There are soooooo many variables for printing that each one needs to be adjusted in relation to a previous choice. Usually, the more you order, the cheaper a print job becomes in regards to Litho printing.

Anyone know of a plugin/module that is specfically for printers and can be flexible like above?

Many thanks



Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:17 pm
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