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I want to code a new option type for products in OpenCart, for example lets say: there is already an option for checkbox (Catelog->Options->insert and select checkbox from 'Type' Dropdown). The default checkbox has three entry fields 1. Option Value Name' 2. Image 3. Sort Order. Now if I want to create a new checkbox with different entry options like a checkbox with a category or product selection option. How to deal with such a situation. At Opencart's Official documentation ... oper+guide : that explains only how to create a module which has its own individual layout(.tpl) but in my case I don't need to provide additional layout in admin area for this sort of module, I just need to hookup my code in such a way that it displays newly added option with existing options listed under Catelog->Options->insert and 'Type'. Any help or clue will be appreciated from you guys. Thanks in advance.
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Very difficult to follow, but if I understand correctly you are asking

I want two checkbox options for a single product how do I do that?

Create a checkbox and call it checkbox 1 (or colour, or whatever)
Create a second checkbox and call it checkbox 2 (or second colour)

I believe this is the link you want to look at

You should not modify core files .. if you would like to donate a cup of coffee I will write it in a modification for you.

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