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Hi all,

i am trying to make them work together but i haven't managed until now, so i am asking if anyone could help.
My version is with no extensions installed nor any theme its a fresh install.
The problem is that i need to use intergated vqmod for opencart 2( ... n_id=19501) with ocmod editor( ... n_id=22015) and it seems that they dont work together as (maybe, i am not sure) the first one extension modifies the /admin/controller/extension/modification.php file. Have anyone tried to have both of them.

Any help will be appreciated
thank you in advance.

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Post by IP_CAM » Sun May 14, 2017 2:34 am

well, just by use of up to OC 2.2.x, but an OcMod_Editor cannot handle VqMod's,
it only displays them, in the listing, as beeing existing. But the VqMods, you use,
show up in the Database, as File and Content in the OC Modification Section, the
same way, as OcMods do, and there, you could edit them, if required. But it's easier,
to OcMod de-install the VqMod again, then, modify the VqMod Source file, re-upload it
to whereever you placed the VqMods, and then, again, clean out the cached Modification
Section in full, to make everything work again, according latest Facts !

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