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I have a requirement for Live Currency Feed(updated) pricing for one category only in a working multi-store.
This category is available only by pre-purchase, ie it is not stocked and only ordered as required however it's brought in local currency which faces wild fluctuations against $USD.
Obviously, we sell in local currency not $USD so today's price is different tomorrow and I need to mitigate risk against currency fluctuations.
Is this even possible as I'm trying to avoid setting up a seperate store or is there a different strategy I should adopt?

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The store header on the catalog-end side already centralizes the currency exchange value entirely as opposed to categories. Handling the currency exchange, from a default perspective, would be wrong since I believe you are looking to handle the currency exchange by manufacturer - which in the US might be a possible thing to accomplish. However, Opencart does not handle manufacturers by categories but only by products by default unless using an extension from the Marketplace.

If no extensions suits your needs for this particular request, you could always create a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job.

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