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I am working with events in opencart, I have created a module with 2 events in it, the first one is an admin trigger and is working fine but the second is targeting catalog/controller/common/header/after where I want to add a variable before it is passed to the view, this does not seem to working as I am getting an undefined variable test from the view, could anyone point me in the right direction please.

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    class ControllerExtensionModuleVonderevents extends Controller {

          public function install()

            $this->model_extension_event->addEvent('Add_Vonder_Admin_Menu', 'admin/view/common/column_left/before', 'extension/module/vonderevents/addMenuItems');//works fine
            $this->model_extension_event->addEvent('Update_Vonder_Catalog_Header', 'catalog/controller/common/header/after', 'extension/module/vonderevents/updateCatalogCommonHeader');//does not work!

          }//end function

          public function uninstall() {

          // add the vonder menu items
          public function addMenuItems($route, &$data)
                $data['menus'][] = array(
                'id'       => 'menu-vonder',
                'icon'     => 'fa-bicycle',
                'name'     => 'Vonder Management',
                'href'     => '',
                'children' => array(
                            'name'=> 'Home Page Options',
                            'href'=> $this->url->link('extension/module/vonderoptions', 'token=' . $this->session->data['token'], true),
                            'children'=> array()

          }//end function addMenuItems

          public function updateCatalogCommonHeader($route, &$data)
                  $data['test']= '********************************';

                echo "*****************************************";

          }//end function updateCatalogCommonHeader

    }//end class



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Post by straightlight » Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:53 pm

Correct. OC v3.x releases handles controllers from the loader Engine with the events, not under.

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Did you create this file?

Is there a updateCatalogCommonHeader method in this file?

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