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Hi all,

We have a couple of Opencart stores which are linked to an Inventory management solution (Veeqo) using API2CART to pull the orders and push stock etc. The issue we are having is that orders are pulling across 1 hour after they have been placed in both Opencart sites. After some investigation by Veeqo's developers they have come to the conclusion that it's something to do with the order status.

Our developers who have been investigating the issue found that the orders on Opencart have the status (order_status_id: 0) that is not supported by API2CART. In the meantime, API2CART facilitates our integration with Opencart. So, if the order has a status (order_status_id: 0), we are not able to pull that order in to Veeqo. The order _status_id: 0 might be caused by a payment plugin installed on your side that waits for money transfer confirmation and then moves an order to a proper state that API2CART and Veeqo can work with. Veeqo is not able to pull in the order_status_0. This order status is caused by payment processing plugins. Two of our developers conducted independent investigations and came to the same result. It takes time to convert the status of the order on the side of your website and Opencart.
This issue is happening on both of our sites which are running and and happens no matter what payment type they choose. We are using Paypal Payments Standard, Paypal Express Checkout and Payzone currently.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



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Sounds complex so you could pay a developer such as ourselves or post a job in the Commercial Support Forum.

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