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CoinGate is following new developments by OpenCart, so we are happy to announce that we have made our plug-in compatible with the new OpenCart 3.

For those of you who have never heard about CoinGate - we are Bitcoin and Altcoins payment processing company. You may know, that during this year, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proved to be not just a convenient way of making payments, but also an extremely valuable group of assets.

Are you interested to know how your online business could benefit from digital currencies? There are plenty reasons why, and here are our favorites!
  • Attract new customers that wish to spend their coins. The total cryptocurrency market cap has quadrupled in 2017 alone, and coin holders are very willing to spend their tokens on products online!
  • Accepting cryptocurrency payments is cheap, easy and safe! No chargeback risks, huge intermediary fees, or country restrictions for your customers. Most importantly, setting it up takes just an hour or so, since you don’t need to fill any paperwork or sign agreements.
  • Bitcoin gives you a sustainable competitive advantage! Every business needs some marketing tricks to be different to other players in the market. Even though the adoption of digital currencies is growing, don’t miss the chance and be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adopters in e-commerce.
Okay, so how do you get started with accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

CoinGate is a company that offers a flexible and easy solution for all online merchants. Integration of our gateway is super simple, and we provide 24/7/365 support to our merchants as well as their customers who need help with making payments.

The perks we offer:
  • CoinGate is one of few companies that allows accepting not only Bitcoin, but Altcoin payments as well. This feature is integrated automatically for all of our merchants!
  • Receive payouts in USD, EUR or Bitcoin (we cover Bitcoin transaction and SEPA transfer costs). Never worry about the technicalities of cryptocurrencies - all payments made with Altcoins are converted to Bitcoin, and paid out in Bitcoin or your currency of choice.
  • We charge only 1% from your orders that get paid, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees.
  • This year, CoinGate has simplified all the procedures for the merchants. Now, you can extend your invoice expiration time and set up a desired threshold up to which partial payments are automatically accepted.
  • We have developed free payment extensions for almost every e-commerce platform, including OpenCart 3! Spend less than an hour to start accepting cryptocurrencies and do not hesitate to contact our support team and developers for integration assistance at
Our plugin is already listed on Opencart 3 marketplace - you can download it here: : ... r=coingate

Visit our website for setup instructions and download the Opencart module straight from Marketplace:


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