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Hello, I have seen so many questions from recent versions about the issue of a user being able to upload an image during the order process and the store managers will see the user's customized image, say in cup, t-shirts ... shops. There was no direct answer apparently. This is 2017 and version 3+, Is this feature available in any open-cart version? If so which one? Is there a module for it? It doesnt have to be fancy or even online. the most important thing is to let the user upload their own image. May be we can provide a blank image and then let the user download it, and upload their finished version. Or it can be fancy. Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

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This can simply be done by adding a file upload field under options.

So go to Options and configure a File Upload option.

Then under Products add the file upload option.

Now your customers can upload a file for that product when they order it.

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