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I performed a backup from the existing store, restored it to a new store for tests, and now I intend to set the test store as the main store.
The problem is that I had some new purchases in the meanwhile, and would like to update the test store with the sales, orders, customers, etc info, without affecting the new filters, products, categories, etc of the test store.
I tried exporting the database items that I think are important for this procedure, but when I try to restore to the new store through the Save/Restore in Setting, I get the "Internal Server Error".

A little bit more context.
Regarding the test webstore, I erased all original products and created new ones, so products item numbers have changed/are different/don't exist anymore.
Deleted filters, categories, and created new ones.
These are the fields I'm trying to import:

My main questions is, is it even possible to perform this procedure?

If yes, what could be the issue?

Thank you!



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Post by letxobnav » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:55 pm

well, everything with an product_id in them would be a problem.

so this is not a smart strategy.

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Post by wrick0 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:09 pm

Use this: ... n_id=25966

Its the easiest way, but like the person above me, you gonna have problems with the product id's, you might be able to edit them manually in the database to get everything in place

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