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I try to install opencart v3.0.3.2, the process was successful. However, I can't login the administration page.

Enter your database and administration details

2. Please enter a username and password for the administration.
Username : admin

The step 2 is for the administration. username must use default (admin) or can change another name? I either use default or another also passed. I have reinstalled for a few times. When I login the the admin page . It also show" No match for Username and/or Password. " Besides, I use forget password function then input the email address. I have received the reset password link from email but open the link just as login page not let me to enter new password. Why? Is it the big bug of this v3.0.3.2?

I am using v2.3.02 now and want to install new version separetely.



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Post by by mona » Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:07 am

Yes a common PEBCAK bug

Delete it and re-install this time I suggest you write down the credentials that you CHOOSE to use during installation

You should not modify core files .. if you would like to donate a cup of coffee I will write it in a modification for you.

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