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Hello everyone!

Our main site works fine but the other two seems to work halftime.
Hope someone has had similar problems like me :) I do not get any errors in logfile.

Have installed 3 sites,,
SSL are installed for all sites and uses https.
Opencart are installed in folder /mysites.
In Config.php "example" it looks like: define('DIR_SYSTEM', '/home/sportstheme/mysites/system/');
In Config.php I use for all places, yes with www.
In Admin I have example Shop-url: and Ssl-urL:
We have added all 3 sites with "Addon Domains". All points /mysites and redirected like:*)summernote/summernote.js(.*)

1. For Admin are my settings correct with https nad with www? Even if I have in addon domains neither https or www.?
2. RewriteBase /, should it be something else then original?
3. Is it better to use http in admin and then force https in .htaccess file?

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