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Hey everyone,

the topic says it all. Currently I am trying to set up a fresh and clean install of the version with no data at all in it. But I want all the data (categories, products, users, sales, etc.) from my old shop, migrated in the new clean install. Is it as simple as backing up the database from the old version and importing it into the new one? I find alot of Extensions that would do the job, but they are all around 50$ and I was thinking, maybe there is a simpler and cheaper solution.

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Post by johnp » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:10 pm

My first choice would be to clone the site then attempt an upgrade. Yes it's slow and fiddly but it can be done. If you put the live site into maintemence mode while you attempt the upgrade you can easily switch versions if the upgrade is successful and not have any new orders wiped out.

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