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I'm developing a website for a client using Opencart. His account/domain and my account/domain are both hosted on the same server and IP address.

I don't wanna share the code however I wanna map to while he keeps accessing his on cPanel to create email and install the SSL.

Also in the source code of the website I don't wanna show the subdomain as the main link but the domain itself.

While anyone that tries to access it will show

The option is easy to be achieved via Wordpress however any other frameworks like Opencart, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc. I couldn't find any way to achieve that.

I entered a CNAME record pointing to

Then I removed www A records from DNS at and changed it to CNAME pointing to

However this didn't help. I googled and searched a lot couldn't find the suitable answer for that. Any suggestion please!

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this is a webserver virtual hosts issues, not an OC issue, get guidance from your host.

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Please can you elaborate how to do it if I have access to the virtual host how to do it?

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