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Ubuntu LAMP with Plesk Admin
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I moved files from an old server to the new server using Plesk migration which should have transferred all files retaining ownership and permissions. After the move MultiCart worked but the link wasn't that is fixed and now I'm not able to upload images, well that's not exactly true. Images upload and I can view the images using the direct path in my web browser so I know the files aren't corrupted I don't see the image on product page, home page or any location the image should be viable.

Ive uploaded product and manufactures images with the same results.
Odysesy DJ Case
Product Page ... endor_id=1

I've checked permission and they look OK.

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If on PHP 8 you need the below fix. ... 77a75e81bf
or read here for more info

Keep in mind its unlikely OC has been fully tested on PHP 8, you may want to stick with 7.4 for now.

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