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Greetings Carters,

As part of the OpenCart social project we ran for the Business partners, we're now extending this to the forums.

This means that you'll be able to nominate yourself to get shared across our Social media streams.

How do I get the spotlight, I hear you ask? Well, pretty straightforward you just need to submit a small write up about anything related to OpenCart. Submit that awesome theme for a website maybe? or that 3 page poem about OpenCart and how it's changed your business and life, whatever, get it submitted

We'll be running 2 Spotlights one for developers/businesses and one for Websites/themes/modules, the team will go through the submissions and pick one a week. so that really cool theme you're selling will be seen by even more people and the business will too.

Overall, we're looking to share the hard work, scope and dedication of the community of OpenCart to the world, we know you're pretty proud of the work and we wanna show it off for you.

You can either submit it via Direct Message to myself should you be all soppy and emotion about us, OR you can share your story here, all will be collected and we'll share the top pick of the bunch.

We'll let you know when and where its going so you can share it yourself across these social streams.




So get submitting and we'll get sharing!


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