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I have been going through the forums, and also looking at available extensions. I have read the advice given to others, and I am sure I am not the only person out there who wants to know how to do this.

I need to add a new step to the checkout process. It needs to be it's own step, not a subsection of another step.

why? On our site we sell mostly courses (but also text books), and I am tasked with having our program enroll students into their courses upon successful checkout from our shopping cart. We also have a lot of businesses enrolling multiple employees in the courses, so this isn't like a college where the person doing the enrolling is also the student (at least not always). With our old shopping cart we aren't storing student information, so we have a problem with businesses enrolling different students under the same username; this causes the original student's information (name etc) to be overwritten in our online courses.

As we set up this opencart shopping cart I have set up the accounts to track enroll_student information in addition to the shipping addresses.(I did this by creating a new module by duplicated and then modifying shipping_addresses.) Now I need a section in the checkout to select or enter enroll_student information. I have figured out how to include it in as a subsection of any of the checkout steps, but since not all purchases will include courses and require enrollment, nor will all purchases include something that requires shipping, I need to pull it up as a separate step in the same way that shipping/delivery information only shows up when shipping is required.

I am completely self taught, and I typically learn by looking at what other people have done in the past, but I have no experience with the java scripting & ajax component of the checkout process. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.

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