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Hello opencart community! :D
I currently redesign a template and I´am now at the point where is test the payment system.

I use Opencart 3 via Softaculous Cpanel installer. I created a product and create a user with enough reward points to buy the product.
Everything is working. The reward point process at the cart and the going further until we reach ./index.php?route=checkout/success

But the orders will always get stored at Missing Orders.
I use at store settings for
Order Status: Complete
Processing Order Status: Pending
Complete Order Status: Complete

Btw I want that the order is always send directly(In my case downloadable product) when the checkout was successfully. No pending etc.

The Opencart Error Log says:
2017-12-05 19:20:28 - PHP Notice: Undefined index: comment in ./catalog/controller/checkout/payment_method.php on line 180

It´s maybe possible that I disabled some stuff for design with <!-- xxxxx ---> or display:none via css
So maybe I caused the problem by deleting a need form etc.

Maybe you can also tell me which files I have to replace to default for this checkout process if there is no way to fix this problem in other ways of course. Thank you!



Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:53 am

Post by straightlight » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:31 pm

Imprecise OC version provided. Line 180 does not refer to this line with the latest release of OC.

However, line 186 of the latest release:

Code: Select all

$this->session->data['comment'] = strip_tags($this->request->post['comment']);
as discussed before from previous release and seem to have not yet been corrected on the latest at the bottom of the file from catalog/controller/checkout/payment_method.php is:

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if (!empty($this->session->data['comment'])) {
    $this->session->data['comment'] = strip_tags($this->request->post['comment']);
This should rectify the issue.

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