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Hello guys!

I would like to ask you a few things, as I am new in using Opencart. My webdesigner, who have made my page for my company is not helping me anymore as he doesn't answer my calls. Hopefully you could help me out with some issues that I have.
1. I want to create an option for an object (t-shirt) so that the clients can choose what color and what size should be the t-shirt. I did make it in catalog/options /new where I choose option name Size , type select, sort order 1.
After that I went to my t-shirt and add the option that I just have created. The problem is that even if it says that it is ok and it have saved me this option on my website doesn't appear anything. Is like I did not do anything to that product. Can you help me out?
2. I am making personalized mugs and I would like to have a 3D mug so after the client add the image he can see the mug with the picture 3d in real time.
How can I do that? is there any extension that I can buy? Or how is the easiest way to do that?
3. I would like to have a section for Companies (b2b) so If a company would like to buy from my site , they can see the same products but with different prices if they want to buy for exemple 25 pieces of a product.
4. Where can I set the delivery for products 0 if they buy for more then 30$ let's say ? So when the cart is 35 the delivery in the check out to be 0 ?

Thank you in advance!



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Post by OSWorX » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:03 am

What you would need, is an extension like those (or):
2. ... n_id=37119
3. ... n_id=11874

For B2B you can either define a price for that customer group, or use also an extension (please search for it).

Delivery (free): either with the standard modules (looks not so good) or (better) with an extension (see also the MarketPlace for such, e.g.: ... h=delivery ).

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Post by youppy » Wed Nov 27, 2019 3:08 am

Hej OSWorX,

Thank you for the fast response. I already have some of that things on my site, such as Product designer. But the thing is that I would like to make a window next to the t-shirt (for the t-shirts) that are not personalized so the client can choose the size or color. I did it in admin with option , but it doesn't appear on my site.
My website is
For subject 2, I already have something but I am not happy with it. I have the same as you recommended me , but I would like that the mug to be seen in real time like a gif file so you can scroll and see from one end to another.
BTW i use opencart 3

If you could take a look on my site I would really appreciate it.

Thanks !



Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:45 am
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