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Hello everyone of the forum,

I am entering a new project, it will be an e-commerce, and we are choosing opencart for the store.

I wanted community recommendations, what version to start, what the advantages are, and if there is any disadvantage of the version listed.

Thank you in advance.




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Well, one way, to find out, would be, to check around here on, wich OC-Versions
are confronted with the most Problems. Still, it would NOT produce a valid answer,
since the majority of problems are related to 'so-called' Version Upgrade-Attemps. :drunk:

This, because many OC-Users, coming here, have no clue about Opencart in General,
otherways, they would not foolishly try, to just over-write working OC Software, likely also
filled up with Mods of all kinds, and then still expect a new OC-Version to further work.

I always compare it with an older WIndows Version, beeing just 'hardcode-overwritten'
with WIN-10 Content. But since most of those Fellows only come here, after they screwed
up already, it would not result in a representative Value, by trying to find out, as I mentioned
above. :D
Starting with Disadvantages:
The biggest Disadvantage is, that OC, by all logics, changes it's Versions, once in a
while, and since OC is a steady ongoing Project, if a new Version arrives, OC will no
longer bother much about it's former Releases, it's left to the Forum and other Sites,
to inform Users about possible Leaks, Holes, and Fixes.

More, the last OC v. was, despite of important fixes made - compared to v.,
even dropped from 'visible' Existence, in favour of the OC-2 Line. And OC-2 had more than
just a poor Debut, and a total of 13 different OC v.2.x Sub-Versions, whereby the last v.2.3.x
Release Candidate available was partly already more an early v.3 pre-release, and so a very
unique Model, no longer beeing compatible with most anything else anyway :'(
It is therefore not so easy, to find out, what Version to use, because whatever you decide on,
will depend on 'existing' Knowlegde, kind of. So, if you select the latest Release, you will
find the least Forum Knowledge, because even Dev's have to find out first, how it has to be
handled, and what potential Misses still exist. And since Dev's usually make a living out of
their Knowledge, there is not much free Wisdom around at the Forum, and even less Extensions.
But OC also has advantages. One of them is the huge Variety of Extensions. So, if I would plan
to start an Online Shop, based on OC, I would first find out on what exists, extension-wise, to
meet my specific Requirements best, and THEN decide on an Extension-matching OC-Version,
not the Contrary. At least, if you have a limited Budget, otherwise, you can always engage a Pro,
to get and keep an OC-driven Online Shop alive and well.
Personally, I settled with the latest OC v., (after climbing the OC v.2 ladder for a while,
until funny hacking-reports became public) and then added, Theme-wise, what is popular today, to
meet Smartphone - to - Widescreen View requirements. (But I don't even run a real Shop, OC
is just my Anti-Alzheimer Drug! :crazy: )

And since I have some Ideas on, how OC works, I am able to profit from the giant amount of free
Extensions, to make 'em work. And when it comes to security, OC belongs to those OC
Versions, not beeing mentioned on popular 'XSS / Hacker-Scene' Websites, and I make sure
as well, not to have any Doors unlocked. And during the past 20 Years of running 'scripted' Sites,
this seemed to have always worked, as planned... :laugh: ... ncart.html
But I would not want to advise anyone in, what Version to decide on. It really depends on,
how much time and knowledge, or then money, one is able and willing to invest.

Just to give you my very personal view on this. OC is NOT only a few Pages and Scripts, it's
a rather comprehensive Framework-Construction, just like a Windows. One can use it,
as it comes, or then, it may take a little more ... :choke:

Good Luck ! ;)

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