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Hello everyone,,
OC version:

When a Guest reaches the checkout page, an Order ID is generated. If the user leaves the checkout without completing his order, then this Order ID is considered as a Missing Order. Right? Right!

Lets's say a register user does the same thing, let's say at 02 July 2019 and takes the Order ID 1520.
He then returns to the eshop today at 09 July 2019 and finds the products are still on his cart.
He goes to the checkout page.
The Order ID remains 1520 and when he completes the Order, then in the admin, in Sales-> Orders I see the following:
Order ID 1520, Date Added: 02 July 2019, Date Modified: 09 July 2019 reverse image search email checker port checker

Is this the way Opencart works?
Can I change that so Date Added is always the same as Date Modified?
Moreover, can I change the Order ID to be always regenerated in case it had been generated in a day that was not today?
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In the default checkout system, it creates a new order every time you are at the final step. Even if you clicked the `back button` at the last stage and click the `continue` button again, it would create a new order. It appears that your checkout module is doing the case you described.

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Post by letxobnav » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:26 am

correct, confirm payment method = new order, missing orders which are not revived (manually or via payment gateway call-back) remain missing, there is no "let's continue where we left off".

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