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New to Opencart, using
I have a product which comes in different colors and different package-quantities. For example lets say I have blue, black, orange, red, green, white & black, blue and black, (a couple dozen more) widgets. They come in a case of 10, 25, 50.... etc.

I found a way to have more than one drop downs: a drop down option for color and a separate one for the case size. But this makes tracking inventory impossible. Is there a way to give the customer a drop down for color and a drop down for case size while maintaining separate SKUs and quantities?

I have for example :
blue 25pk quantity of 4 with a SKU (or model#) of BL25
blue 50pk quantity of 12 with a SKU of BL50
green 12pk quantity of 3 with a SKU of GR12

The way it is now I can set quantities for 25pks... and set quantities for blue... but not Blue 25 packs...
Or am I relegated to making separate products for EVERYTHING. I don't want the customer to have to scroll through a page of 75+ repetitive items to select what they want.

This shouldn't be this hard but openly admit that I'm new and could be overlooking the obvious.



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This extension HERE will help you achieve what you are asking...

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And there are others like this one: ... n_id=13882

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