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Hello, I am running with braintree payments.
I also have paypal button enabled through braintree and it works pretty well. However when people don't enter their zipcode and state prior hitting the paypal button they get tax on the confirm page.

This is better than not charging tax for everyone, but only my state should get charged tax. The braintree paypal works like 'paypal express'. So when the user comes back to the 'confirm' page it is suppose to use the address provided to update the system on the customers address and and then send the proper amount back to paypal to charge.

The address appears to be updating correctly on the confirm page( because the shipping options are about what I would expect), however I need the confirm page to take the address given by paypal and recalculate the tax location(zone?) and leave or remove the tax.

catalog/controller/checkout/confirm.php -- Any ideas or hints?

My best lead is from the json quote update button on the cart page.

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if (!$json) {$this->tax->setShippingAddress($this->request->post['country_id'], $this->request->post['zone_id']);  
The cart quote button add or removes tax on page refresh.
Thank you -WM
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