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I've recently installed Chameleon responsive theme and have all the main categories at the top of the website, to look better on smartphones. But, I would like the height reduced. At the moment they are 64px high and look a bit over the top.
I've managed to reduce the height of other headings but can't seem to change the header menu. I've tried reducing the padding round the category names but that just makes them end up top left and the height of the red background is still 64px. I've also altered the heights of the background images, separator, hover and main. Any suggestions gratefully received. I'm not fluent in CSS but can usually work most things out. The website address is, so you can view the source code.
Many thanks

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Since it it a paid Theme, you should always contact the Seller first, but not on the Extension Page only!! ;)

In your stylesheet.css, you have this:
  • /* -------------------------------------------------- */
    /* Menu
    /* -------------------------------------------------- */
Your 'Matter' will be defined in one of those Class Sections, probably:

Code: Select all

<div id="menu">
  <ul class="menu-collapse">
  <li class="menu_resp_main"> 
<li class="menu_main_resp">
Stuff like:

Code: Select all

height: 13px;
height: 30px;
padding-bottom: 60px;
padding: 10px 15px;
padding: 25px 15px/* 24px*/;  
But could also be here:

Code: Select all

/* -------------------------------------------------- */
/*	Header
/* -------------------------------------------------- */

    #header {
        padding-bottom: 11px;
        z-index: 110;
        width: 954px;
        margin-right: auto;
        margin-left: auto;
    #header #logo {
        min-height: 80px;
        width: 48%;
        padding-left: 15px;
        display: inline-block;

        padding-top: 15px;

Code: Select all

 padding-bottom: 11px;
 padding-top: 15px;

Code: Select all

It's a mess, on the page, due to the added, CSS, out into the Page, another Pavtheme Special, I like so much... :-\
It's gonna be a Game, to vertical-center align the Linknames again, if you change the vertical Gap. So, take time, it's the usual way with such Things. Even more, if it's the Theme use. Because of it's Blog, I had to scrap a Shop, after trying to remove the blog again... :'(

Good Luck

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