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- Many users on the forums are in need of a developer to help them with a project.
For obvious reasons Open Cart is not involved in what goes on behind closed doors between users and developers.
Both the developer and the user have a responsibility to practice their own business sense whereby protecting their assets.

If you are a developer on this forum it is suggested that you practice good work ethic when dealing with potential customers. How you do this is your business.

If you are a user on this forum it is suggested that you practice good work ethic when dealing with potential developers.
How you do this is your business as well.

Again, if there is exploiting going on between either party, Open Cart will not get involved because it is purely your responsibility to protect your assets. However, users have been banned from the forum that were proven to be taking advantage of developers and vice-verse.
As far as "who to choose" as a developer, well that is up to you. There is no reputation system built in similar to Ebay so in truth you are on your own. Sometimes it helps to "ask around" before starting work with someone.

- Don't go with a developer just because "they are cheaper than everyone else." Even though there are excellent developers out there that have ridiculously low prices, they are hard to come by and its doubtful you will find one in this forum.
- Be weary of people that spam the forum with 20 posts that state the same thing with a link to their website, attempting to solicit work. I said "be weary" I did not say "avoid" these people.
- Look for things such as "number of posts". How regular are they in the forums? And if they have created any extensions in the Open Cart Store, at least here you can see the ratings of their extensions. (This is by no means a requirement for someone to be legit, it just helps.)
- Perhaps if the project is large enough to warrant it then ask for examples of their work. This may not be necessary depending upon the size and budget of your project.
- Describe your project/problem/task as good as possible, highlight the most important related issues, but keep it short.
- Communicate clear how the contact/answers shall be made (e.g. by internal PM, your email, your website, phone etc.).
- Keep in mind that "Time is Money" which means, every serious offer needs time the developer has to take.

If the job is not available anymore, or already done/fullfilled, edit the subject and add [DONE] in front of it.
This section is monitored and open jobs will be closed either when [DONE] is added to the subject or after a defined timeframe automatically, this to avoid further postings.

If you are a Developer or an Agency and want to offer your service(s) here, show first that you have the experience to work with OpenCart.
Highlight your past work, point to your published extensions.
If you have not done so, do not register here only to apply for a job!

Do not use canned messages.
That is boring, says nothing about your experience and will avoid users to hire you.
Read the request carefully and respond approbiate.
For example, if the requester do not want to be contacted by PM, do not do so - otherwise such behaviour will lead to a permament ban.
Or if he wants to be contacted by email, do it that way and do not post that you "have - relevant - Experience" and the requester shall contact you.

General Rule Of Thumb: To make money we have to spend money.
Both parties are taking a risk when taking on commercial work.
It's no secret and nothing new....where it has been done this way for eons.

Good luck!
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