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Hello guys, i'm a new user in the Forum and i'm developing a website using opencart and i'm wondering if you can help me with a problem.
So, the problem is with the Option Value for every product of the cart as i show in this image :
If i set a Product Option to "0" opencart won't show me the option but instead i want to disable them like this image :
I was thinking about adding something alike this inside "product.twig " ;

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{% if option.option_value_id == '0' %} disabled {% endif %} 
but I don't know if is correct.
Can anyone help me?




Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:26 pm

Post by webmedialdh » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:45 pm


In order to show but disable you need to do some code in your controller file as well.

in Controller Product.php file (link no. 313)

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if (!$option_value['subtract'] || ($option_value['quantity'] > 0)) {
replace above code with

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if (true) {
in Controller Product.php file (link no. 320)

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$product_option_value_data[] = array(
add a new line after above line

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'optionquantity'          => $option_value['quantity'],
Then in your product.twig file

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{% if option.optionquantity == '0' %} disabled {% endif %} 
Hope this will help you


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